Online Banking

Julie Anderson

Eternal Optimist

Vice President, 
Cash Management 

People Person

Aspiring Super Mom

Lending a Helping Hand

Julie Anderson has a passion for people. In her role as a Cash Management Specialist, she enjoys the numerous different and unique individuals whom she meets with on a daily basis to discuss Anchor’s many cash management services. From creating and presenting proposals to business customers to following up on cash management referrals, Julie performs each of her responsibilities at Anchor as a trusted advisor. Her love for working with people lends itself to her collaborative efforts with Anchor’s relationship management team to ensure the development of both new and existing client partnerships.

Of course, Julie’s passion for people extends well beyond her work at Anchor. She enjoys every opportunity to donate time and energy to organizations such as Sharing and Caring Hands and the Jeremiah Program.  Coining the term “eternal optimist” to describe herself, Julie’s enthusiasm fuels her creativity and energy which she uses to keep up with not just her banking colleagues, but also her children.    Take one look at her “adopted” pet—a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach, acquired through the persistent requests of her 7 year old son—and there is no question about how much she must love her kids.  

With a drive to make a difference in the lives of everyone she serves, Julie continues to exhibit the qualities of a true Anchor team member.

Aspiration: Serve the world by volunteering in Guatemala, see the world by traveling to Fiji and celebrate the world by assisting mothers as a birth doula and welcoming new life

Education: BS in Psychology from University of Wisconsin

Direct: 651.747.2914