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Rebecca Austin

Skilled Communicator

Assistant Vice President, 
Cash Management 


Social Coordinator 

Offering the Right Solutions 

Rebecca Austin is determined to make a difference at Anchor. As a Cash Management Specialist, she engages prospective customers to identify opportunities for partnership while continuously deepening Anchorís existing relationships. Her responsibilities include effectively presenting cash management proposals and then promptly following up with customers to ensure they receive the quality of service that Anchor is known for.

At work, Rebecca is well-known for her positive attitude, and thatís no different at home. Her greatest joy is being a wife and mother to her two children. Rebecca volunteers at her kidsí school and their church to stay actively involved with them. On most any Sunday afternoon youíll find her in the kitchen mixing up a new recipe together with her daughter.With a love for her friends and family and enthusiasm for bringing people together Rebecca is always planning a party or week-end getaway, booking tickets to a sporting event or show and getting the reservation at a favorite restaurant.

Rebecca plays a vital role both in her family as well as on the Anchor team, providing the communication skills and knowledge to diligently serve where she is needed.

Aspiration: Take part in a mission trip to serve children in need, act in a theater production and take her family to tour Denmark where she was an exchange student in college

Education: BA in Communication from the College of St. Benedict

Direct: (651) 734-2629
Mobile: (651) 338-5641