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At Anchor Bank, we're always trying to think of new ways to make our services more convenient for you, our customers.  Banking online is just one of the many conveniences we provide. 

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Online Banking

Monitor your personal or business finances online, anytime with AnchorLink® Online Banking. Internet access and a web browser are all you need to view your account information 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • View your balance and transaction information on your checking, savings and loan accounts
  • Transfer funds between your accounts and make payments on loans
  • Download your check clearings and deposits for bank statement reconciliation
  • View your archived images of checks, deposit tickets, deposited items, statements and notices up to 18 months old
  • Initiate stop payment requests (the fee is discounted when done online)
  • Receive your bank statement and notices electronically
  • Activate your ATM/debit card and report your card as lost or stolen. Contact a banker to order a new card
Bill Payment

Schedule a one-time or recurring bill payment in minutes to stay on top of your finances.

Add Bill Pay
1. Go to and login.
2. Click Bill Payment tab.
3. Click Add Account.
4. Select your account from the drop down.
5. Click Submit.
6. Select a beginning number for your bill payment checks.
7. Click I Agree.

You can set up Bill Pay yourself for the first six months. After the first six months, you can set up your account by calling AnchorLink Support.

Set Up Payees
1. Select Add Payee.
2. Enter the name, address and other payee information. 

Add Payment
1. Select New Payment.
2. Select Add Payment.
3. Choose Account.
4. Select Payee name.
5. Enter dollar amount.
6. Choose frequency of payment.
7. Enter payment date.

You can also use the Quick Payment option to pay bills. View the online demo for more information.

Online Banking Demo

Check out our tutorial on how to use AnchorLink® Online Banking.

Personal Banking Demo
Business Banking Demo

Electronic Statements

Receive free electronic statements and notices to reduce cost, paper waste and guard against mail fraud. Access your statements and notices the same day they are ready.

Sign up
1. Go to and login.
2. Click on the eStatements tab.
3. Agree to the disclosure by clicking I Agree.
4. If you are prompted to verify Flash, input the text and click Continue.
5. Choose the accounts you would like to enroll for eStatements and click Enroll Checked Accounts.

View Statements
You will receive an email notification that your statement or notice is ready for you to review.
1. Go to and login
2. Click on eStatements.
3. Click on Account tab.
    a. Choose the account from the dropdown in the window on the right.
    b. Choose the date of the statement you wish to view.
    c. Your statement will appear in the window on the left.
    d. To print your statement, click on the print icon. You will be prompted to download the
        document. Open the PDF to print, or save to your computer.
4. The Checks tab and Search tab only apply to those who receive image statements.


To enroll in AnchorLink Online Banking, click here.