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Happy Birthday Anchor!

50 Years and Counting...

It is hard to believe that it was fifty years ago in 1967 that Winton Jones purchased the North Shore State Bank, later renamed Anchor Bank. He opened doors in Wayzata with five full-time employees, $1.7 million in assets and a deep commitment to his customers and employees to serve and deliver value. Winton never referred to his colleagues as employees, but rather “partners.” Drawing from his experiences in World War II, Winton believed superior service and success would come from collaboration.

In the spirit of Winton, Anchor looks to celebrate its greatest resources in 2017 – its team, customers and clients and the community. Thank you one and all for making Anchor Bank an institution that never waivers in its belief that “doing the right thing” matters. It is going to be a great year, and we look forward to the next 50 years!

Anchor Style!

To celebrate the 1973 opening of First National Bank of Wayzata’s new headquarters at the corner of Highway 12 and 101, uniforms were designed for the frontline bank staff. A plethora of nine patriotic plaid pieces could be worn in “an almost infinite number of combinations!” Just google “plaid” and “style” today and 59,000,000 entries come up. Similar to the Anchor Bank team, plaid endures and is always just a little bit hip!

Photo of women wearing plaid shirts

Two of the Best Things That Happened in Banking

Anchor Bank and the ATM both got their start in 1967!  The world's first automated cash dispenser -- later known as an Automated Teller Machine -- was inaugurated at the Enfield branch of Barclays Bank in London on 27th June,1967. Today, there are over three million ATMs worldwide as well as more than 200 different kinds of transaction possible on these highly interconnected terminals. Remember to look for the MoneyPassTM logo for surcharge-free withdrawals acroos the U.S.

\Photo of woman at ATM