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Mobile Banking

Anchor Bank's Mobile Banking service lets you access your accounts while on the go.  With Mobile Banking you can: 

To sign up for Mobile Banking, you must first be an AnchorLink® Online Banking customer. Enroll now

Mobile Banking Options

Mobile Banking Options


App store
iPad* App store
Android Google Play
Web-enabled phone

* Not available for iPad mini

Mobile Banking Demo

Click here for demo of Anchor Bank Mobile.


iPhone or Android Users

1. If you are already an Online Banking user, follow these steps:
     a) On your iPhone, go to the App Store and enter "Anchor Bank" in the search area.
     b) On your Android phone, search for "Anchor Bank" in the Google PlayTM Store.
2. Download and install the free Anchor Bank app.
3. Upon launching the App, enter your AnchorLink ID and Password.
4. Follow the remaining instructions including accepting the Mobile Banking Agreement 
    and selecting text message alerts.

Web-enabled phones

1. If you are already an Online Banking user, follow these steps:
2. Use your phones web browser to navigate to
3. Enter your AnchorLink ID and password.

Changing Mobile Banking Settings

Changes to Mobile Banking settings are made within Online Banking.  You can add or delete accounts, change phone numbers or providers, have alerts sent to your phone, and more. Simply log in to select "Options" and then "Mobile Banking."

*Please note that your phone's normal text and data charges apply.  Check with your service provider for details.

Mobile Deposit

Deposit checks using your mobile phone.  To use this service your email needs to be loaded into AnchorLink Online Banking under the Options tab.
1. Endorse the back of your check(s).
2. Log into your Mobile Banking app.
3. Tap Deposits in the fly-out menu.
4. Tap Deposit a Check.
5. Tap Check Front.
6. Take picture of the front of the check.
     a. Either tap Use if accept image or Retake if not accepted.
7. Tap Check Back.
8. Take picture of the back of the check.
     a. Either tap Use if accept image or Retake if not accepted.
9. Tap Check Amount, enter the amount of check and tap Done.
10. Tap Deposit to Account and select the account into which the check will be deposited.
11. Tap Deposit
12. On the Deposit Confirmation screen, tap OK.
13. Tap Review Deposits.
14. Tap a deposit transaction to review amount, account number, date and status.
      a. Tap View Check to see the front and the back of the check image. Images are 
          available for 30 days. 
      b. Go to Online Banking to review the image if it is no longer available in Mobile Banking.

Checking and savings accounts are eligible for mobile deposit. Your accounts will have a combined limit per calendar month. If you exceed your limit you will not be able to process your deposit via mobile deposit. There is no fee to make mobile deposits.

Activate, suspend or report lost/stolen ATM/debit card

Card management tools help prevent fraud by managing your ATM/debit card.

1.    Log into your Mobile Banking app
2.    Tap Manage Cards in the fly-out menu
3.    Tap Activate, Suspend, or Report Lost or Stolen*
4.    Tap Ok/Close/Done on the confirmation screen

*If you are reporting your card lost or stolen, please call your banker to order a new card. 

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