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Business Checking and Savings

At Anchor Bank, we succeed when you succeed.   That's why every product we offer to businesses is designed to help you establish a solid financial foundation to build a successful business.

Checking Accounts


Donít have many monthly transactions or donít want to worry about maintaining a certain balance?


Comfortable maintaining a $5,000 balance in your
checking account?


Have a club or association with few banking needs? 


Balance Requirement   $5,000 average collected
Bill Payment $0.50 per item > 20 items each month $0.50 per item > 20 items each month $0.50 per item > 20 items each month
Monthly Service Fee    $17.00 if balance
requirement is not met
ATM fees at non-MoneyPass ATMs6 $2.50 $2.50 $2.50
Monthly Statement Fee1 $0 if eStatement or
paper statement or $6.00
if image statement
$0 if eStatement or
paper statement or $6.00
if image statement

$0 if eStatement or
paper statement or $6.00
if image statement

Monthly Item2 Free for up to a
combination of 150
deposit tickets, debits and
deposited items; $0.50
per item over 150
Free for up to a
combination of 500
deposit tickets, debits and
deposited items; $0.50
per item over 500
Monthly Cash Deposited $.0017 per $1 deposited in excess of $2,500 $.0017 per $1 deposited in
excess of $10,000
Uncollected Funds3 Prime + 4.00% Prime + 4.00%  
Free Business Debit Card4 X X X
Free Online Banking X X X
Free Account Alerts X X X
Free Mobile Banking8 X X X
Interest Option Available5 X X  
Free Access at all MoneyPass® ATMs X X X


1 An image statement has images of the front and back of your canceled checks printed on your bank statement.
2 Deposited Item refers to each item included in a deposit.
3 Uncollected Funds is the portion of your deposit not yet collected by the bank. If you use uncollected funds you will incur an uncollected funds usage fee.
4 Upon credit approval. Mastercard® Zero Liability Policy means as a cardholder, you will not be held responsible for unauthorized transactions if your card is lost or stolen, or your card number is used without your permissions. Mastercard SecureCode®
gives you an additional layer of online shopping security. To learn more and enroll, visit
5 Interest bearing checking accounts earn a variable interest based on the daily collected balance. For current rate information on our interest bearing checking accounts, please contact a banker at one of our locations.
6 Does not include any applicable ATM fees charged by the ATM owner.
8 Your mobile carrier may charge access fees depending upon your individual plan.

Overdraft Protection

Whether youíre just starting out or youíve been in business for a while, the last thing you want to worry about is accidentally overdrawing your checking account. Anchor Bank Overdraft Protection can help you avoid the inconvenience of an overdrawn account as well as the associated fees. You can fund potential overdrafts through one of your Anchor Bank deposit, savings or credit accounts, or from a combination of accounts.

How Your Business Benefits

  • Avoid overdrawn accounts as well as insufficient funds fees
  • Available on all of our business checking accounts to cover insufficient funds
  • You decide which accounts or combination of accounts will fund potential overdrafts
  • Choose from checking, savings, money market savings, and most business credit lines for Overdraft Protection

Subject to credit approval

Debit Card

Your Anchor Bank Business Debit Card provides convenient access to make purchases from your designated business checking account. 

Key Benefits:

  • Make purchases 
    • You and your employees can use a MasterCard® debit card at millions of merchant locations worldwide, including restaurants, hotels and online retailers. 
  • Chip technology 
    • Our chip-embedded technology helps protect your company against fraud by adding an extra layer of security, and makes it easier to use your card globally. The chip generates a one-time authorization code each time the card is used.  
  • Convenient ATM access
    • Surcharge-free withdrawals at MoneyPass® ATMs plus the ability to make deposits at designated ATMs1
  • Monitor purchases through Anchor Bank Online and Mobile Banking 
    • Monitor your purchases, withdrawals, and balances online, anytime.
  • Save money 
    • Setup recurring payments that are deducted from your checking account to avoid fees. 
  • Save time 
    • Replace the need for petty cash by having one simplified solution to pay for small expenses. 
  • Simplify tracking and reporting 
    • View detailed monthly statements of your purchases for an efficient and easy way to track spending.
  • Zero Liability Protection 
    • Whether you use your Anchor Debit Card to shop online, by phone or in a store, you wonít be held responsible if someone makes unauthorized purchases with your card. Learn more.

Additional benefits provided by Mastercard:

  • Mastercard ID Theft Protectionô
    • Help detect and resolve identity theft at no additional cost. Learn more.
  • Mastercard SecureCode® 
    • Gives you an additional layer of online shopping security. Learn more.
  • Mastercard Commercial Guide to Benefits. Learn more.

Anchor Bank Fraud Center
If we detect suspicious ATM or debit card transactions on your account, weíll attempt to contact you right away. We provide this extra assurance at no cost to you. Talk to a banker for more details. 

Contact your local Anchor Bank to learn more
To learn more about the security of your debit card click here.

Mastercard and Mastercard SecureCode are registered trademarks of Mastercard or its subsidiaries in the United States.
1Locate a MoneyPass ATM go to

Savings Account


Want a convenient way to save money and earn interest without the requirement of a high monthly balance?


Looking for a high-yield money market account that lets you write checks?


Balance Requirement $300 minimum $15,000 minimum
Monthly Service Fee if Balance Requirement
Is Not Met
$6.00 $30.00
Deposit Item Fee After First 25 per Month $0.25 $0.25
ATM Fees at Non-MoneyPass ATMs3 $2.50 $2.50
Earns Interest1 $0-$4,999.99
$5,000 +
$150,000 +
Overdraft Protection Transfers to Checking2 $11.00 per transfer $11.00 per transfer
Free eStatement X X
Free Online Banking X X
Free Mobile Banking4 X X
Free Account Alerts X X
Free Access at All MoneyPass® ATMs X X
Check Access2   X


1 Variable interest earned on the daily collected balance and paid quarterly on Business Savings and paid monthly on Business Money Market Savings. For current rate information on our interest-bearing savings accounts, please contact a banker at one of our locations.
2 Transfers from a Business Savings or Business Money Market Savings account to another account or to third parties by preauthorized, automatic, telephone or computer transfer or by check, draft, debit card or similar order to third parties are limited to six per calendar month.
3 Does not include any applicable ATM fees charged by ATM owner.
4 Your mobile carrier may charge access fees depending upon your individual plan.


CDARS® is one of the safest and smartest tools for investors looking to protect their large-dollar investments while earning CD-level returns that may compare favorably to Treasury and money market funds.

CDARS offers multiple benefits to depositors who want to combine the security of access to FDIC insurance with the convenience of working directly with just one bank. CDs placed through CDARS offer: 

  • Access to multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance;1
  • The ease of working through one trusted relationship, earning one rate per maturity, and receiving consolidated statements;
  • Possible relief from ongoing collateralizationóbecause CDARS deposits are eligible for FDIC protection, you may not need to perform the time-consuming tasks of continually collateralizing your deposits and tracking changing collateral values on a recurring basis;2  
  • The power of daily compounding;
  • A finite maturity date (in contrast to auction-rate or some adjustable-rate securities); and
  • The ability to have your funds available to support lending initiatives that strengthen the local community.3

How can deposits greater than the standard FDIC insurance maximum ($250,000) be insured by the FDIC?
The standard FDIC insurance maximum is $250,000 per insured capacity, per bank. So, you can run around to multiple institutions to deposit your funds to receive the same coverage you can access using CDARS and working directly with just us, Anchor Bank, a member of the CDARS Network. Your deposit is divided into smaller amounts and placed with other CDARS Network members, each an FDIC-insured institution. Then, those member institutions issue CDs in amounts under $250,000, so that your deposit is eligible for FDIC insurance at each member bank. By working directly with us, you can access coverage through many (and receive just one regular statement from us).

Who has custody of my funds?
Funds placed through CDARS are deposited only into FDIC-insured banks. We act as custodian for your CDARS deposits, and the subcustodian for CDARS deposits is The Bank of New York Mellon (BNY Mellon), the largest custodian in the world.4

Unique to CDARS, you as a depositor can obtain a confirmation of records maintained by BNY Mellon as subcustodian to reconcile those records with the statements received from us. At any time, as often as desired, you as a depositor can obtain a certified statement from BNY Mellon that confirms the exact amount of your CDs, including principal balance and accrued interest, for each FDIC-insured institution that issues a CD through CDARS.

You can submit a request for the certified statement, along with BNY Mellonís processing fee, through us. BNY Mellon will send the certified statement directly to you or to another party designated by you, such as an auditor.

How can my funds be used locally if my CDs are issued by financial institutions all over the country?
When we exchange deposits with other CDARS Network members on a dollar-for-dollar basis, the same amount of funds placed through the Network returns to us. As a result, the total amount of your original deposit can remain with our bank and be used for local lending. (CDARS® ReciprocalSM transactions only)3

Is my account information safe?
Your account information is protected; your relationship remains between you and Anchor Bank.

What happens if a CDARS Network member bank fails?
Most of the banks that have failed in the United States in recent years were not CDARS Network members or did not hold any CDARS deposits when they failed. When a Network member has failed, the bankís CDs issued using CDARS in most cases have been transferred to a healthy institutionóthe FDICís preferred method for handling bank failures. In cases where the FDIC has been unable to find a healthy institution willing to accept such a transfer, it has arranged for the payment of the insured principal and accrued interest to the depositors. This payment has usually occurred within a matter of days. 

Please go to to learn more about FDIC insurance. 
Click here to find a banker.

You should compare the current rates and features of CDs (including CDs placed through the CDARS service) to other investment alternatives. Past performance may not be representative of future performance or success.  

1 Limits apply. Funds may be submitted for placement only after a depositor enters into a CDARS Deposit Placement Agreement with our bank. This agreement contains important information and conditions regarding the placement of funds. Funds may be submitted for placement only after a depositor enters into a CDARS Deposit Placement Agreement with our bank. The agreement contains important information and conditions regarding the placement of funds by our bank through CDARS.

2 If a depositor is subject to restrictions with respect to the placement of funds in depository institutions, it is the responsibility of the depositor to determine whether the placement of the depositorís funds through CDARS, or a particular CDARS transaction, satisfies those restrictions.

3 When deposited funds are exchanged on a dollar-for-dollar basis with other banks in the CDARS Network, our bank can use the full amount of a deposit placed through CDARS for local lending, satisfying some depositorsí local investment goals or mandates. Alternatively, with a depositorís consent, our bank may choose to receive fee income instead of deposits from other banks. Under these circumstances, deposited funds would not be available for local lending.

4 Please see for details. 

CDARS is a registered service mark, and Reciprocal is a service mark, of Promontory Interfinancial Network, LLC.