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Cash Management Services

Anchor Bank, a division of Old National Bank is committed to helping businesses succeed. We know that keeping track of receivables, payables, payroll and other functions can be a burden on businesses of all sizes. The more efficiently businesses are able to manage these functions, the more costs can be controlled, profitability increased and liquidity maximized. That's why Anchor Bank offers a complete line of Cash Management Services to help your business bank for what’s next.


Anchor "tip"      Connect with a Cash Management Specialist to learn more about the following services:


Collection Services

Offer your customers faster, more convenient payment options that help them manage their finances while helping you keep your balances at higher levels.

Disbursement Services

Take control of your business accounts and manage how and when cash moves out of them with Disbursement Services from Anchor Bank.

Information Reporting Services

Anchor Bank offers Information Reporting Services to each of its commercial customers, giving you all the information you need to determine your cash position, monitor cash flow and identify opportunities for investment or debt repayment.

Funds Management

Ensure that there are ample funds in your business’ checking account to cover checks presented for payment and then utilize the excess funds on a daily basis.

Fraud Detection

With Fraud Detection Services from Anchor Bank, you can reduce the risk of fraud by monitoring transaction activity and by receiving notifications when there is a potential risk.


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