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MEMORIAL DAY - Monday, May 29

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Honoring the lives lost

Our banks will be closed on Monday, May 29 in observance of Memorial Day.

Some of the communities we serve and their neighbors will be hosting events to honor and reflect on the lives lost while serving our country.
Check out events happening near you.

Information Reporting Services

When your business reaches an enterprise level, having the right information at the right time and place becomes increasingly important. That’s why Anchor Bank offers Information Reporting Services to each of its commercial customers, giving you all the information you need to determine your cash position, monitor cash flow, and identify opportunities for investment or debt repayment.

EDI – Electronic Data Interchange

Anchor Bank’s Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) service streamlines your accounting and minimizes cash receivable and payable functions by passing invoice and payment data through our Automated Clearing House (ACH) banking network. With EDI, you can offer your trading partners the option of sending electronic payments directly from their checking account, thereby replacing more time-consuming, traditional paper-based check and invoice payment processes.

Any payments received through the ACH network are processed and credited to your account. The information accompanying payments, such as invoice number and payer, is translated and delivered to you in a readable format. Anchor offers two EDI solutions to meet your needs.




How you receive information

Log in to AnchorLink® Online Banking.

Email with link to access the report utilizing the FedPayments® Reporter provided by the Federal Reserve.

When information is available

Receive alerts throughout the business day.

Report is emailed around 5:00 a.m. CST.

How you’re notified

Online Banking alert every time a file with EDI information is received and translated.

Via secure email one time a day.

Report date options

Customize your reports to fit your needs.

Reports are emailed daily; no customization.


Includes historical transactions up to 18 months.

No historical transactions are available.

SEC Codes available

Only ACH transactions with EDI are available.

ACH transactions with EDI and without EDI are available.

Report format options

Select your format preference before you download a report. Options include:?

  • CSV
  • Microsoft Excel®
  • PDF
  • TIFF
  • Microsoft® Word

Emailed reports sent based on your preference. Options include:

  • HTML
  • PDF
  • Text


  • Immediate notification You are notified each time ACH transactions are received with EDI data. No more waiting until month end statements for this information.
  • Improved accuracyYou receive descriptive translated remittance information making it easy to post accurate payments to your accounts receivable system.
  • Save moneyWith this EDI service, you eliminate the need for costly EDI software.


Talk to your banker, or call (952) 230-1630 or (800) 425-5150, option 0, for more details.


FedPayments is a registered trademark of the Federal Reserve Banks. Microsoft and Excel are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.


Digital Check Images

Digital Check Images is a simple, organized check storage and retrieval system designed to give you maximum accessibility to your company's check files. Using a personal computer and CD-ROM drive you can quickly and easily access, sort and search through your check or deposit slip images to eliminate the hassle of paper-based storage and retrieval.

How it works for you
Front and back check images are captured each day and stored until month-end when a CD-ROM is produced and shipped to you containing all your disbursement activity data and images. To find a check image, simply search by dollar amount, check number, or date paid. Once the item is located, the system identifies the CD that houses the specific image for easy manipulation rotation, zooming in and out, and enhancement of the brightness and contrast.

Key benefits to your business

  • Cost effective – Receiving check images reduces the physical storage space needed for paper checks as well as the costs associated with storage and research.
  • Secure – The images are sorted on one-write CD-ROMs that cannot be altered. By controlling access to the CD-ROMs, you control the number of users that can view the images.
  • Efficient – High-quality digitized images are clearer than microfilm or faxed images. Paid check images can be accessed quickly and pasted into a correspondence letter, thus allowing quick resolution to payment disputes.


Online Banking

Business AnchorLink® is a convenient way for you to access your account information at any time – day or night. As an extension of Anchor Bank’s comprehensive commercial banking solutions, AnchorLink brings all of your account information together on one easy-to-use website. 

How it works for you

  • Access account information – With AnchorLink, you can access information for all your business accounts quickly and easily. You can check your balances for cleared and available funds and review transactions for the past six months on an account and monitor current day and prior day balances with detail by transaction category (Automated Clearing House [ACH], In-clearings, Over-the-counter, Wires and Transfers). AnchorLink gives you access to high quality images of the front and back of each check at your convenience. Images of your deposit tickets are available as well. Account information can also be exported into other common applications including Quicken®, QuickBooks® or other money management software. Use Direct Connect with Quicken or QuickBooks to initiate transfers, pay bills and download your account information. Generate reports of account activity using multiple variables including account numbers, date range and transaction codes. Receive Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) information that minimizes cash receivable and payable functions by passing invoice and payment data through our ACH banking network.
  • Manage payments – AnchorLink enables you to manage payments, transfers, and direct debits efficiently and securely. Use the Bill Payment function to pay any business or individual. Just add a payee and schedule one-time or recurring payments with the click of a mouse. You can also use AnchorLink to originate ACH transactions, initiate Wire Transfers and make transfers between accounts. AnchorLink allows you to initiate stop payments online. Activate your ATM/debit card and report your card as lost or stolen.*
  • Speed collections – Receive payments through the ACH network, streamlining your payment processes and eliminating checks. ACH also provides precise control over your cash flow by giving you the ability to specify the settlement date of payments.
  • Fraud detection – Reduce risk of fraud by monitoring transaction activity and receiving notifications when there is a potential risk through the use of ACH Filter, Account Reconciliation and Positive Pay capabilities available through AnchorLink.

Key benefits to your business

  • Security – AnchorLink was designed with multiple layers of security to protect the privacy and safety of your company’s account information. Banking online through AnchorLink is secure. We stringently adhere to industry standards regarding security and employ state-of-the-art technology to keep your information confidential. All sensitive information is encrypted and access requires a password known only to the account holder.
  • Convenience – AnchorLink offers you access to your accounts 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can do your banking from home, work or when you are out of town.

AnchorLink demo

*Contact a banker to order a new ATM or debit card.