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Debit Card Fraud

If you notice suspicious activity on your debit card, contact your banker immediately to report fraudulent transactions and order a new card.

After business hours, call AnchorLine at 952-808-8083 option 8 to cancel your card. To order a new card, contact your banker Monday - Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm.



Community news

We call Anchor a “community bank” because we are actively involved in the communities we serve. Beyond merely providing financial services to local businesses and families, we strongly encourage our team to volunteer for service opportunities that are making a positive difference.

Anchor Bank Quarterly Community Banking Award Ceremony!

We’re proud to be able to recognize so many of  our Bankers for outstanding hard work and dedication at the Anchor Bank Quarterly Community Banking Award Ceremony!  

Anchor Bank Lakeville Mardi Gras

Anchor Bank Lakeville and the Chamber of Commerce came together to jazz up Business After Hours, Mardi Gras style, on Fat Tuesday.

Anchor Bank Eagan participates in Eagan Foundation's Grant Awards

Anchor Bank Eagan honored the many talents of The Eagan Foundation’s Grant Award recipients during the annual award breakfast held at Eagan High School. Congratulations to this year’s recipients— 360 Communities, BrainPower in a BackPack, Caponi Art Park, Cheerful Givers, Eagan Art Festival, Eagan Men’s Chorus, Eagan Theater, Eagan Traveling Baseball, Kids ‘n Kinship, The Link, The Open Door and Youth Dance Ensemble!

Anchor Bank Lakeville sponsors expo booth workshop

Anchor Bank Lakeville partnered with the Lakeville Area Chamber of Commerce to sponsor a fast-paced, interactive expo booth workshop in preparation for the Lakeville Landscape & Home Expo. Check out these three strategies to help boost performance in booth set up shared by key-note speaker, Susan Brauer, CME, founder and president of @Brauer Consulting Group, LLC #ChamberExpo

1. Develop a pre-show strategy: 1) Why are we doing this; 2) Who are we trying to reach; and 3) What’s our measure of success?

2. Develop your key messages— Remember, features tell and benefits sell. Your messages should answer what every attendee is asking him or herself: “What’s in it for me?”

3. Literature, promotional products, and demos should be memorable, provide a link to who you are and what you do, and should be handed out selectively

Connecting Commerce and Community: Anchor Bank Woodbury


Connecting Commerce and Community: Anchor Bank Woodbury was proud to help recognize recipients of the 2014 Woodbury Area Citizen Award

Anchor Bank Wayzata Participates in SOUPer Cook Off

Along with seven other banks, the Wayzata Anchor Bank team prepared a delicious chili recipe to participate in IOCP's Banker SOUPer Sleep Out Cook-Off, to raise money which will support over 1,875 local families. Thanks to the generosity of the community, IOCP has met its goal.

Gene Berwald Retires From Anchor Bancorp Board of Directors

(Photo L to R) Jeff Hawkins, President & COO, Anchor Bank
Jim Huninghake, Sr. Vice President, Commercial Banking, Anchor Bank
Gene Berwald, retired Anchor Bancorp Board of Directors


After 25 years of service and leadership, Gene Berwald has announced retirement from his board position with Anchor Bankcorp. A respected and visible member of the North St. Paul business community, Gene has consistently supported wise fiscal management and policies for Anchor Bank and our customers. In addition, his numerous referrals of new customers are an amazing testament to his belief in supporting our locally managed, community bank.

Gene is the former President and CEO of Berwald Roofing, a fourth-generation roofing and sheet metal construction provider with a 75-year history in North St. Paul. His business connections have contributed to valuable board discussions, connections and trust in our St. Paul location and beyond as we’ve grown. After 20 years of serving on one of five boards for the expanding Anchor Bank system, Gene accepted a board position on the Anchor Bank holding company, Anchor Bancorp, in 2009 when the bank consolidated to one national charter.

Anchor Bank President and Chief Operating Officer, Jeff Hawkins, said that Gene’s presence and contributions to the board would be missed. “He has been the epitome of what a community bank director should be. Loyalty to his own customers and staff at Berwald Roofing translated to loyalty to Anchor Bank to realize our business goals. He understands the business side and the personal side of running a good business and keeping customers happy. Without his direct representation on the board going forward, it will be all the more important for our staff to maintain a pulse on the North St. Paul community. His departure will be a big loss for us.”

Gene certainly isn’t the “retiring” kind, and we suspect the extra time will be spent with his grandchildren and maybe on more hunting trips. We wish Gene all the best and look forward to seeing him at Anchor Bank anytime for a business or personal visit..



Celebrate West St. Paul Days Parade

West St Paul Staff and families participated in The Celebrate West St Paul Days Parade on Saturday May 17th. Anchor Bank was the sponsor for Miss West St Paul 2013, Alyssa Ortiz. We had great weather for the event as we said farewell to Alyssa during her last parade.

Jones speaks to Wazata Sun Sailor about history of Anchor Bank

Anchor Bank CEO, Carl Jones, recently spoke to the Wayzata Sun Sailor about our history and commitment to strengthening local communities. Learn how we got our start by reading the full article. Click here.

Woodbury Lions Club host Largest Garage Sale in the Country

As the treasurer for the Woodbury Lions Club, Carrie Frost, Bank Manager of Anchor Bank Lakeville, facilitated the 37th annual Woodbury Lions Garage sale, May 8th-12th. Over 730 registrants and 10's of thousands of people flocked to the city from several surrounding states for this annual event. In fact, It’s the largest city garage sale in the country!

Traction Day MN

Minneapolis, MN, May 2014 — Anchor Bank joined a banquet hall full of entrepreneurs and business leaders for the second Traction Day MN, held in Minnetonka at the Marriott Southwest. More than 300 business owners and leaders registered to hear more about the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)® that has spawned bestselling books and, more importantly, growth for many Minnesota-based companies. 

As a co-sponsor of the event with HLB Tautges Redpath, Anchor Bank leaders testified to the results of EOS after working with Certified EOS Implementer Mike Paton since 2011. Paton was on hand to lead the EOS Master class and to promote his bestselling book, “Get a Grip: An Entrepreneurial Fable…Your Journey to Get Real, Get Simple and Get Results,” co-authored with Gino Wickman. The book is inspired by the real business results of EOS as described in Wickman’s original book, “Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business,” the quintessential guide to EOS.

After short introductions, presenters divided the room into two groups, Novice and Master.  Then, rolled right into action by taking attendees through the six key components of EOS: Vision, People, Data, Issues, Process and Traction.

“Traction is the missing ingredient…the results,” Paton explained. “You have to work on all six of these at the same time. You can’t just get really good at your vision or your people and ignore the rest or else you’re just flying around this model and nothing good is happening — no growth.”

While Paton took EOS masters into a deeper dive of each component, the EOS novices’ presenter and entrepreneur, CJ DuBé, provided a comprehensive overview for attendees in her space.

DuBé echoed Paton’s sentiments by ensuring novices they would walk out with a view of their businesses they didn’t have before. “Vision without Traction is Hallucination,” she added.

The afternoon presentations were followed by a cocktail hour where attendees networked with each other and shared what they learned. For more information, visit or talk to us at Anchor Bank.

Henricks retiring from personal banking team after 25 years of service.

After 25 years, Susan Henricks is retiring from the personal banking team at Anchor Bank Farmington. She has shared a wealth of experience with her customers, providing personal counseling to help them meet their financial goals. We have appreciated her patient, dedicated personality and her focus on the success of her customers and her community. In addition to her contributions at Anchor, Susan has worked to benefit to her community as an active member of the Farmington Lions Club.   Thank you, Susan, for bringing experience, passion and dedication to the personal banking team. We wish you the very best!

Bezdicek joins SPEDCO Board of Directors

Congratulations to our Board Member and former Chief Credit Officer, Ken Bezdicek, for joining the SPEDCO Board of Directors. Ken’s knowledge and collaborative nature will greatly benefit the small business lending partner. Best of luck, Ken!

Wayzata Groundbreaking Celebrates Bank Stewardship, May 9, 2014

City of Wayzata Mayor, Ken Willcox, called Anchor Bank a pillar of the business community and supporter of the city during a groundbreaking ceremony at the site of the new Anchor Bank location, May 9, 2014. The Mayor, along with chief executive officer, Carl Jones, and other bank and project leaders, donned hard hats and neon vests to toss ceremonial shovels of dirt while earth-moving equipment rumbled in the background.

Anchor Bank Chief Executive Officer, Carl Jones, applauded the new location as a sign of progress while recalling that his father, Winton, established his first bank in Wayzata 50 years ago. Jones also noted that Anchor Bank has grown almost a thousand times larger in assets since then — from $1.7 million to $1.4 billion — and that Wayzata still holds a special place in that success.

The new 4,012-square-foot bank with drive-thru will be adjacent to the existing Anchor Bank at the corner of Minnesota Highway 101 North and Wayzata Boulevard. A 14,500-square-foot Walgreens will be constructed on the corner, completing a major update of the busy retail location in downtown Wayzata.

Winning the Right Way with Gopher Head Coach Jerry Kill

If you missed Coach Jerry Kill’s speech to Anchor Bank clients as part of the Anchor Connection Education Series on April 24, or if you attended but want to refresh your memory, below are some of the highlights of the event.

Now in his 21st year of coaching and his fourth year at the U of M, Coach Kill has rebuilt the Gophers, taking them from 3-9 in 2011 to 8-5 last year, including four Big Ten wins. In his speech, “Winning the Right Way,” he talked about how many of the tactics he uses as a successful coach can apply in business.

Kill likened the position of head coach to that of a CEO and emphasized the importance of having everyone on a business team, “On board and going in the same direction…. If you can get everybody on the same page, you can make a lot of things happen, but you have to have the same vision.”

Many of Kill’s points resonated with Anchor’s core values: having a collaborative spirit, a commitment to serving, doing the right thing and being driven to deliver. While he didn’t say it outright, Kill also demonstrated the same spirit detailed in Anchor’s value of acting with humility as he praised his management and his players repeatedly.

According to Kill, the key to having everyone on the same page and moving together is to build a strong management team. “Hire to your weaknesses,” he said and added that he looks for people who will be loyal and work hard, and as a result, he has team members who have been with him for decades.

“I wouldn’t want to stay with me that long,” he joked.

Going deeper into the concept of loyalty, he pointed out that he doesn’t want people who always agree with him. “When we’re in a meeting, I take feedback. We can work together as a group,” he said. “When we walk out that door, we’re in it together. Take care of your people if you’ve got good people.”

Building a strong team doesn’t stop at the management level. Coach Kill also stated that successful businesses need the right front-line employees.

"You're not going to win in what you do unless you have players. The most critical thing we do is bring the players in. Players win games. Coaches get fired, but players win games,” he said. “Your situation with your management team is that they'd better get some players—those are the every day workers you have. And sometimes the players don’t feel very important. Well it's your job to make them feel important."

On a slide titled, “How do you keep your people motivated,” Kill listed these points:

  • Keep good people
  • Get to know them
  • Leadership visibility
  • Be strong from the bottom up

Kill talked about how he greets his players as they come into practice and tells them, “Give me your best effort, that's all I ask.” He checks in with them about how they’re doing, how their families are, and how their studies are going.

“Just talk to them,” he said. “ You’ve got to get to know them to get them motivated. If they know you care about them, they're going to play harder for you. … These people are important. They’re the most important thing you have.”

During the event, Anchor Bank also presented Kill with a check for $2,500 for the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota—a cause for which Kill is a staunch, public supporter. For more information about the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota and how you can help, visit:

Kill ended with this quote from Pat Riley that illustrates the kind of commitment he’s looking for from his team members and players, and that he recommends for business teams:

“There are only two options regarding commitment. You're either in or you're out. There is no such thing as life in-between.”

When it comes to our clients, Anchor Bank is all in. We promise to know you, to be an expert and to deliver.